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What Are The Most Important Components Of ASO?

What Are The Most Important Components Of ASO?

Most of you are probably familiar with the term App Store Optimization. If not, then let us explain to you a little bit.

ASO is like that annoying little brother of SEO that takes up a whole lot of your time, but it is truly worth the effort. ASO is meant to include such data into your app that can help your app reach the top in the endless lines of apps available on the internet.

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the basic concepts of ASO, it is also important that you are aware of what makes ASO tick. Hundreds of people will offer hundreds of ways to ensure that your ASO works, but we have some of the most basic (and working!) tricks and tricks for App Store Optimization. Now, the various components of ASO is basically split into two parts based on their importance i.e. the primary components and the secondary components.

Primary Components of ASO

  • Titles

Title is probably the most crucial part of App Optimization. You need to make sure that you select a title that can generate a huge amount of traffic to your app. You should take the time to search up some interesting keywords that people search when they are looking for services like yours. However, paying an expert marketing specialist to do it for you might not be a bad idea.

  • Keywords

Increasing the number of people that view your app is pretty hard. But, incorporating keywords into descriptions may give you that slight nudge that you always needed.

The keywords should be obvious and thoroughly researched. Boring and excessively used keywords might not do the trick for you. Moreover, you should also keep changing the description in order to add newer keywords to your content.

Secondary Components of ASO

  • App Icon

Icon is the very first thing that a customer sees when they look at your app. So, you need to spend a ton of time to ensure that your Icon is refreshing and good to look at.

  • Screenshots

Screenshots are the only thing that can show your potential to your customer even before they install the app. Hence, you need to put up some of the best screenshots that can conveniently explain what the app does.

  • Video

Videos aren’t exactly necessary, but they are important nonetheless. You can visually explain what the app does. If you don’t want to make a five minute, and rather boring, video about the app, then you can just string together a few screenshots, and you’re good to go.

The Bottom Line

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a business promoting their franchise, a company offering productivity tools, or just someone posting a game, our tips on App Store Optimization are certain to get you up and running.