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What do landscape picture wallpapers say about your personality?


What do landscape picture wallpapers say about your personality?

Recently you would have experienced playing a quiz based game online which reveals to you your hidden personality traits based on your choice of landscape pictures?. But did you know that there is much more reality to this game than being just a fun activity? According to psychology, the images we respond to say a lot about our subconscious influences. The wallpapers we select for our smartphones and desktop are not mere accidents, but the deliberate effort of our mind to seek what pleases us at a subconscious level.

Psychology of images:

According to recent research done on personality, it was determined that the images saved in our subconscious mind form our personality. For example, a person who always puts something blue on his screen is probably a balanced personality, somebody who likes to explore and is yet satisfied with what he has. Similarly, those who prefer red have a strong in temper. A famous psychiatrist once designed his own hypothesis that was based on the theory of environment. His idea was that people actively choose to look at a certain surrounding which fulfills their desires and values at a subconscious level. Many studies have shown how distinctive the choices of extroverts and introverts are.


The introverts like to have images of mountains, deserts, islands and places that are clustered in quite. Secluded and peaceful sceneries are what they seek. Mountains means to have your own company. Such visual images are a relief for introverts who struggle to find seclusion throughout their days.


Extroverts prefer images of beaches, hiking areas and places that are full of adventure, thrill and excitement. Although the category in which extroverts fall is a vast one, the images they usually prefer is full of life and colors.

Wallpapers and landscape pictures:

Why people like to have landscape images on their wallpaper is simple; they seek places where they can be at. Being always around technology and too much materialistic objects makes our mind loose its natural touch. It is its natural process to seek something that gives the brain a relief in the form of desire and peace. The peace we obtain by looking at the images of landscapes can be related to our hidden desires and personality mirrored in the form of an image. Landscape pictures are a way to keep ourselves motivated and relax during a stressful day.