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The Life of Joe Shithead Keithley

The Life of Joe Shithead Keithley

Joe Shithead Keithley is a Canadian punk musician born in Burnaby4. His most significant musical attempt was the band D.O.A., which is considered one of the founder bands of the hardcore punk genre.

Joe is the only founding member still active in the group, and his image is closely related to it. However, there is much more to know about the Shithead. He has had an active life trying to make this a better world. Let’s look at some of his most remarkable highlights.

Other Bands of Joe

Joe participated in other groups besides D.O.A. His first attempt were the Skulls, but they lasted shortly. Later, during a breakup of D.O.A., he started Joey Keithley’s Instinct, but it didn’t last long. He returned to D.O.A. with new people to record a new album.

In 1999, he tried it solo for the first time. It resulted in a couple of albums. The first was named Beat Trash. The second, Band of Rebels, was released in 2007.


Active Activism

D.O.A. usually plays in events to support the environment and peace. This is due to Joe’s interests and connections. His worries about the global situation are not new. Since he was young, he cared for different causes. He even wanted to become a lawyer to support civil rights, but music proved to be a stronger passion.

Besides playing with his band in public events to support various causes, Joe is an actively affiliated with the Green Party of British Columbia. He even ran into the elections for British Columbia provincial twice. Unfortunately, he didn’t win, but he was second in the count.

Joe has participated in various documental movies about music but also took his part in a documentary film with protest cut. It was shot in 2007. Let’s All Hate Toronto directed by Rob Spence, and Albert Nerenberg pictures the situation in Canada in which it seems that everybody hates Toronto.


Writing Works

Joe wrote a couple of books referring to his personal life and beliefs. Both were published by the Arsenal Pulp Press, which is an independent company for book publishing with headquarters in Vancouver. His books are:

  • I, Shithead: A Life in Punk
  • Talk-Action=0: An Illustrated History of D.O.A.

Both books picture the life of a guy that grew up in Burnaby and followed with passion his personal beliefs in politics, environment, world order, peace, and music.